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"A friend says - whenever you are in need - come here."
Aaron - client - 4/18/12

"What this place does for people is great! My mom volunteers!"
Nicole - client - 4/18/12

Denver Post 5/9/12 Article


Helping Our People Excel (h.o.p.e.) a non-profit organization. In the summer of 2001, h.o.p.e. began in response to the needs of our community. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and include the homeless, people with disabilities, single parents, and working families. 36% of the people served are children and 15% are people with disabilities.

h.o.p.e.'s mission is to support those in need, living in the Denver-metro area, through coordination of community resources.

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h.o.p.e. implements its mission from a wheelchair accessible food pantry located in Lakewood. Food distribution is available on Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

h.o.p.e. shares food with other local food pantries, social service agencies, churches and women's shelters to ensure all food received is distributed to those in need and to maximize the benefit of each donation.

h.o.p.e. has adopted the Client Choice Pantry model. In the past h.o.p.e. distributed a standard food box with enough items for a family of four to prepare at least three complete meals. Now, clients are able to select the food they receive. In a client choice pantry the client has the opportunity to 'shop' similar to a small kiosk or grocery store in the pantry for the items they need. This distribution is at no cost to the client and the selection process awards clients a greater feeling of integrity when receiving food assistance.

h.o.p.e. will be expanding to a second location at 3940 S. Broadway in Englewood with a goal of opening in 2013. A Capital Campaign is underway to help fund the rebuilding of this location.The new location will accommodate a food pantry and thrift store. Profits from the thrift store will help fund the food pantry and other operational expenses.

The Board of Directors is made up solely of volunteers, each supporting h.o.p.e. by investing time and finances.

h.o.p.e.'s core values include accessibility of services, respect for the dignity and independence of clients, quality of food and services, adaptability to the diverse needs of clients, collaboration and resource sharing, and organizational sustainability.

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