Introducing Brian Hancock, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – My Dog, Fred…He’s a Chiweenie.

Favorite Food – Mexican, all of it!!!

Favorite movie/book/show – Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Game of Thrones.

Background / History

“I was born in the Midwest and had four siblings. Dad was a locomotive engineer and mom was a stay at home mother. I was hired on by Burlington Northern Rail Road at age 19 and proceeded to do a variety of jobs until I became a locomotive engineer. In fact, my brother and I were 4th generation engineers. I spent 26 years working for BN and I truly enjoyed driving the trains. It was always a challenge as you had to be ahead of the train, otherwise the train would get ahead of you and big trouble could happen. I moved to Colorado in the early 80’s with the railroad and love the weather here. You just can’t beat it.”

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you –

“Life on the railroad can be boring and often lends itself to many pranks to break up the monotony. My older brother and I worked together and he used to make me get off the train to check the brakes while he stood on the train above me. Well, on one occasion he took the opportunity to get me while I had my back turned to him. Unbeknownst to me, he had filled up a water bottle and as I turned to check the brakes, he pretended that he needed to go pee and proceeded to squirt the water all over me. As the water hit me, I recall saying “Oh no, he didn’t do that!!!”. Needless to say, he had to sleep with his eyes open for a while after that.”

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?

“Carl Sagan. I was fascinated with his TV Show called Cosmos and I’m a big fan of ancient aliens.”

What would you change about the world?

“I’d do a reset and make everything cheaper…revalue the currency, the economics all together. Make a dollar worth a dollar again.”

Why is HOPE important to you?

“It gives me something to do. I feel really good about when I give here and I always take away more than I give”.

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Introducing Greg Terry, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Dog

Favorite Food – Pizza/Italian & Mexican

Favorite movie/book/show – Breaking Bad

Background / History

“I’m originally from 5th and Yates in Denver and was the fastest white boy in the hood, which came in handy during Halloween. I grew up in a tight family with two brothers and a sister. I attended West High School, Home of the Cowboys, and played a little football and baseball. Upon graduating, I went to work with my dad and brother selling used cars at Dreiling Buick at 7900 West Colfax for 10 years until Bill Dreiling passed away. After selling used cars, I changed industries and went into the Bearing Business working for Moore Bearing on Colorado Blvd and then onto Command Bearing, the competition. I really enjoyed it as I got to go into a lot of different types of manufactures, from Martin Marietta to Coors. While I never had any kids, I do have boatloads of nephews and nieces.”

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you.

“When I was about seven, I ran into John Wayne at the old Stapleton airport. I started running up to him and then realized, “man, he’s big!”. He just misled at me and went on his way. Also took a pee with John Elway once at a sports bar by the stadium. He’s also a pretty big guy!”

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?

“Mickey Mantle no doubt. He was great, wasn’t arrogant like Ted Williams. I think today he could play with the top. If it weren’t for his ankle and of course, his drinking like a fish, he would have had even a greater career if you can imagine that.”

What would you change about the world?

“Too many people…. more birth control. We need to stop having so many kids.”

Why is HOPE important to you?

“Everyone needs to eat. Homeless people need help and those even with houses and income are falling short these days. Prices are going up and the need is real.”

There is no excuse for so many in our community to experience hunger when up to 40 percent of all food produced in the U.S. ends up in a landfill. Learn about the Waste Less Pledge today! HOPE is always so grateful when you drop off your food items instead of throwing them away.

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Introducing Alia, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Horses

Favorite Food – Grinders (East Coast Toasted Subs with lots of meat!)

Favorite movie/book/show – The Simpsons

Background / History –
“I grew up in western Massachusetts and was an avid equestrian from an early age. When I got older, I worked as a wrangler on dude ranches in both Colorado and Wyoming. After finishing college, I decided to move to Colorado because of my love of the outdoors. Since arriving in Colorado, I have summited approximately 30 of the 14er’s here and have also back-packed all but 20 miles of the Colorado Trail. I plan on finishing the last 20 miles this year and then I have my sights on doing a 170-mile segment on the Continental Divide Trail. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing ice-hockey.”

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you –
“I was hiking in Frisco by myself with my head phones on, which was real dumb, and I was getting a really strange feeling as I was heading up to a creek crossing. As I looked up, I saw a bear stalking me. This of course gave me a start, so I attempted to cross the stream, but the water level was too high as it was spring. I spotted upstream a log that and made way for it while keeping one eye on the bear. When I got to the log I quickly discovered that it was occupied by a porcupine that had no interest in moving out of my way. I thought to myself that they must be working together to make my day extra special. I finally found another log, but as I put my weight on it it to cross the stream, it gave way and I ended up in the ice-cold stream. Needless to say, I wasn’t eaten by the bear or porcupine, but I will never forget that day”.

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?
“It would be Sir Edmund Hillary because of his love for hiking/climbing or Tom Brady. It’s a toss-up.”

What would you change about the world?
“I just want people to get along and stop being so divided. Just accept one another and reunite around good causes like HOPE!”

Why is HOPE important to you?
“I didn’t realize how many people go without sufficient food until I came to HOPE. HOPE does a great job reaching out to those who are struggling with food shortage and this is really vital to communities”.

Introducing Paul Stornelli, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Dog-Mini-Schnauzer

Favorite Food – Lasagna …meat.

Favorite movie/book/show – Sopranos

Background / History

Paul was born in Rochester, New York and came to Boulder a week after he turned 18 to go to school and ski. He earned his degree in Finance from CU, then started a couple of crappy jobs that ended him in graduate school where he earned an MS in Health Administration. Upon graduating from his masters, he went to work at Craig Hospital as a senior accountant. He didn’t feel a calling doing that so after 1 year, decided to get into real estate doing appraisals and ultimately ended up having his own firm via which he did for 20 years until the real estate collapse in 2008. At that point, Paul decided to retire and has spent the last 10 years working out, travelling and volunteering his time at HOPE. Paul has two children, a daughter who’s an OBGYN in Billings, Montana and a son who is in the O&G industry here in Denver.

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you – 

“Right out of college me and a buddy decided to go to Hawaii. Even though we had bought tickets 4 months prior, that was the year the pilot strike happened. But that didn’t deter us…. we were able to obtain new tickets for $300 round trip. Armed with the book “Hawaii on $25 a Day”, we left for a month long excursion to Hawaii. We visited Oahu, Maui and Kauai. On our first island, Oahu, we pretty much camped out on the beach to keep costs low. On Maui, we found a hotel in Lahaina for $18/night at the Pioneer Inn and in Kauai we even found a lower rate of $13/night which even had a bathroom. It’s was luxury! Throughout our time there, we met a lot of people on the beaches and the road who often invited us to eat. I tried to learn body surfing, but got smashed. Snorkeling was probably the best activity as the reefs were incredible…but the best bargain were the booze cruises….4 hours of all you can drink fun!!!”.

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?

“Bernie Sanders…. cause I’m a huge Berner. I think he seemed the most honest politician out there. I was extremely pissed when Hillary stole the nomination.”

What would you change about the world?

“I’d make the whole world socialist where everyone takes care of everyone else. For those who have a problem with socialism, quit driving down the public streets”.

Why is HOPE important to you?

“I like being able to help people, to feed them. I don’t want to see anyone go hungry. That aside, I really enjoy the people who come here. Both volunteers and clients”.

Introducing Millie Thibeault, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Cat

Favorite Food – Seafood and Chinese

Favorite movie/book/show – Lonesome Dove

Background / History –
I was born in Summerville, Massachusetts (suburb of Boston) one of 7 children. My father owned a poultry business and all the kids worked there. When I turned 16, my family moved to Pepperell where I attended North Middlesex Regional high school. During that time, my father opened a small grocery store and sub shop where I worked there for a number of years. After that, I went to work for my four brothers who had opened a super market. During those early years, I learned the importance of family and hard work. In 1966, I got married and two years later had my first child Barbie and six years later my son Brian. In 1978, my children and I moved to Colorado Springs where we fell in love with colorful Colorado. Since then, I have held many positions, mostly in the food industry and today am the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand boys, Max and Dillon.

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you – 
From A-Z, I’ve seen practically every band out there, like Aerosmith, David Bowie, BB King, Moody Blues, Grateful Dead, Bonnie Raitt, Queen, Heart, ACDC, Willie and Waylon, ZZ Top…just to name few. But the experience that many would probably say is really unique was Woodstock. We went with another couple in a van and brought dozens of cases of wine that we sold there over the 3 days to finance the trip. The music was incredible and every walk of life was there to celebrate togetherness. It was beautiful!

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?
President Obama. These last 8 years he has shown to be an incredibly compassionate and caring man. I’d just love to have a conversation with him.

What would you change about the world?
I’d stop the fighting in the world. I’m concerned about our country and our world, but I always try to be hopeful no matter what.

Why is HOPE important to you?
I came to HOPE several months ago as a volunteer it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It’s change my life. The fact that we are able to help others who are in true need is so important. Life is about helping others and that’s what we do here.

Introducing Catherine McHenry, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Sloth

Favorite Food – Loves it all…except liver and onions. But especially likes sushi and anything spicy.

Favorite movie/book/show – Fried Green Tomatoes

Background / History – Born in Nebraska, but moved to Colorado in 6th grade. Graduated from Arapahoe HS, went to college in Canada, travelled the world, came back and auditioned for theatre in California and travelled with the “Lambs Players” doing street and reader’s theatre as well as dance for years. Has worked at HOPE for 10 years and married to Freddie.

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you:

“My theatre company helped design the set for “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” and I had an uncredited appearance in the movie running away from being attacked by the killer tomatoes. I was one of the fortunate ones that survived.”

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?:

“I would have dinner with Quintin Tarantino because he’s complicated and even though you don’t see it coming, his movies always have some kind of redemption. I would also like to dine with Michelle Obama due to her strength and convictions about herself and her family.”

What would you change about the world?

“Everything… Just kidding. I do think there needs to be more compassion and people getting involved.”

Why is HOPE important to you?

“Hope cares without judgement and is supported by people. Like JFK said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”