Introducing Brian Hancock, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – My Dog, Fred…He’s a Chiweenie.

Favorite Food – Mexican, all of it!!!

Favorite movie/book/show – Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Game of Thrones.

Background / History

“I was born in the Midwest and had four siblings. Dad was a locomotive engineer and mom was a stay at home mother. I was hired on by Burlington Northern Rail Road at age 19 and proceeded to do a variety of jobs until I became a locomotive engineer. In fact, my brother and I were 4th generation engineers. I spent 26 years working for BN and I truly enjoyed driving the trains. It was always a challenge as you had to be ahead of the train, otherwise the train would get ahead of you and big trouble could happen. I moved to Colorado in the early 80’s with the railroad and love the weather here. You just can’t beat it.”

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you –

“Life on the railroad can be boring and often lends itself to many pranks to break up the monotony. My older brother and I worked together and he used to make me get off the train to check the brakes while he stood on the train above me. Well, on one occasion he took the opportunity to get me while I had my back turned to him. Unbeknownst to me, he had filled up a water bottle and as I turned to check the brakes, he pretended that he needed to go pee and proceeded to squirt the water all over me. As the water hit me, I recall saying “Oh no, he didn’t do that!!!”. Needless to say, he had to sleep with his eyes open for a while after that.”

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?

“Carl Sagan. I was fascinated with his TV Show called Cosmos and I’m a big fan of ancient aliens.”

What would you change about the world?

“I’d do a reset and make everything cheaper…revalue the currency, the economics all together. Make a dollar worth a dollar again.”

Why is HOPE important to you?

“It gives me something to do. I feel really good about when I give here and I always take away more than I give”.