HOPE uses a Client Choice Pantry model. Clients select the food they receive by “shopping” in an environment that is similar to a small grocery store. This food is given free to the client and the selection process ensures that clients maintain their integrity when accepting food assistance.

If I need food, where do I go?

Food Pantry EntranceHOPE Client Choice Pantry is located at 3940 S. Broadway, Englewood CO, 80110

You are welcome to visit regardless of your address or county/city of residence. We ask that you make one visit per week.


Every Monday: 11am to 2pm

Every Friday: 11am to 2pm

Do I qualify for HOPE pantry services?

HOPE is a non-profit. This allows us to operate differently than other pantries in the area. You do not need to “qualify” to utilize our services. HOPE does not require proof of residency or income verification. The first time you visit the HOPE pantry, you will be asked to fill out an enrollment form. This basic information is simply used by HOPE to help us better serve our clients and for planning purposes. This information is not shared with other organizations.

How does it work?

Food Pantry Freesh FruitIndividuals acting on behalf of a given household may visit the HOPE food pantry once per week. HOPE provides bread; dairy products; fresh fruits and vegetables; meats and other non-perishable food items for free. Clients “shop” for their own food – personally selecting items their households want and/or need.

Simply visit the Englewood Pantry on Monday or Friday at the correct time. Our staff and volunteers will guide you through the process based on your individual needs.

HOPE does have some bags and boxes available, but encourage the use of reusable shopping bags. If you need any assistance during your visit, HOPE’s staff and volunteers will be there to assist with collection and loading.

Do you have pet food?

HOPE does have a very limited supply of dog and cat food. However, HOPE should not be considered your main source of pet food.