Introducing Greg Terry, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Dog

Favorite Food – Pizza/Italian & Mexican

Favorite movie/book/show – Breaking Bad

Background / History

“I’m originally from 5th and Yates in Denver and was the fastest white boy in the hood, which came in handy during Halloween. I grew up in a tight family with two brothers and a sister. I attended West High School, Home of the Cowboys, and played a little football and baseball. Upon graduating, I went to work with my dad and brother selling used cars at Dreiling Buick at 7900 West Colfax for 10 years until Bill Dreiling passed away. After selling used cars, I changed industries and went into the Bearing Business working for Moore Bearing on Colorado Blvd and then onto Command Bearing, the competition. I really enjoyed it as I got to go into a lot of different types of manufactures, from Martin Marietta to Coors. While I never had any kids, I do have boatloads of nephews and nieces.”

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you.

“When I was about seven, I ran into John Wayne at the old Stapleton airport. I started running up to him and then realized, “man, he’s big!”. He just misled at me and went on his way. Also took a pee with John Elway once at a sports bar by the stadium. He’s also a pretty big guy!”

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?

“Mickey Mantle no doubt. He was great, wasn’t arrogant like Ted Williams. I think today he could play with the top. If it weren’t for his ankle and of course, his drinking like a fish, he would have had even a greater career if you can imagine that.”

What would you change about the world?

“Too many people…. more birth control. We need to stop having so many kids.”

Why is HOPE important to you?

“Everyone needs to eat. Homeless people need help and those even with houses and income are falling short these days. Prices are going up and the need is real.”