Introducing Millie Thibeault, this week’s Faces of HOPE feature!

Favorite Animal – Cat

Favorite Food – Seafood and Chinese

Favorite movie/book/show – Lonesome Dove

Background / History –
I was born in Summerville, Massachusetts (suburb of Boston) one of 7 children. My father owned a poultry business and all the kids worked there. When I turned 16, my family moved to Pepperell where I attended North Middlesex Regional high school. During that time, my father opened a small grocery store and sub shop where I worked there for a number of years. After that, I went to work for my four brothers who had opened a super market. During those early years, I learned the importance of family and hard work. In 1966, I got married and two years later had my first child Barbie and six years later my son Brian. In 1978, my children and I moved to Colorado Springs where we fell in love with colorful Colorado. Since then, I have held many positions, mostly in the food industry and today am the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand boys, Max and Dillon.

Tell us about a unique experience/story that’s happened to you – 
From A-Z, I’ve seen practically every band out there, like Aerosmith, David Bowie, BB King, Moody Blues, Grateful Dead, Bonnie Raitt, Queen, Heart, ACDC, Willie and Waylon, ZZ Top…just to name few. But the experience that many would probably say is really unique was Woodstock. We went with another couple in a van and brought dozens of cases of wine that we sold there over the 3 days to finance the trip. The music was incredible and every walk of life was there to celebrate togetherness. It was beautiful!

If you could meet and have dinner with any person who would it be? Why?
President Obama. These last 8 years he has shown to be an incredibly compassionate and caring man. I’d just love to have a conversation with him.

What would you change about the world?
I’d stop the fighting in the world. I’m concerned about our country and our world, but I always try to be hopeful no matter what.

Why is HOPE important to you?
I came to HOPE several months ago as a volunteer it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It’s change my life. The fact that we are able to help others who are in true need is so important. Life is about helping others and that’s what we do here.